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Our Policies

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Homework will be posted on the Grade 1 Homepage by Monday morning. Homework folders will be sent home on Mondays. Please use this folder to turn in homework at the end of the week.
Students are expected to do their best work. Please check your child's work before turning it in.  This is their chance to work one-on-one with an adult to reinforce the concepts and skills in first grade.
Writing is to be done in pencil.
Coloring is to be done in crayon.

When you Email or Call

We truly appreciate your communication with us, but because of our busy school day, we may not be able to  address your concerns until the end of the day. We hope you understand that our first priority is the instruction and safety of all our students during school hours.

We will do our best to reply to your inquiries within 24 hours. 


Birthday Parties

Birthday Treats
A child's birthday is a special time.  However, it is our school's policy to discourage sharing snack treats in school.  If you would like to send in birthday treats for the class, we ask that you send in a fun goodie bag instead of food.  Decorated pencils, erasers, notebooks and stickers are perfect treats!  You are also welcome to donate a book to our classroom in your child's name to commemorate their special day.
Party Invitations
We also ask that you not pass out birthday party invitations or thank you notes at school, unless the whole class is invited.  It could be hurtful for a child to be excluded.  Thank you. 
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A portion of your contributions to the Hawks Education Fund pays for the day-to-day supplies we use at school, such as paper, pencils, erasers, scissors, glue, crayons, art materials, reproducibles, nametags, tissue, etc. Thank you for your generous donations to the Ed Fund! 
Please note that your contributions do not cover our field trip expenses or classroom parties.
Do visit the Hawks Education Fund Homepage for more information about how your money is allocated to the various programs at Hidden Hills. 
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